The Brussels based quintet SONICO celebrates the repertoire of the Argentinian composer Eduardo Rovira. Rovira is thought of as the “other Astor Piazzolla” because of his fundamental role in the creation of the “tango nuevo” during the Buenos Aires avant-garde in the early 50’s.
In just three years of existence, SONICO has become one of the most interesting contemporary tango ensembles, and thanks to the versatility of Eduardo Rovira’s music, SONICO has participated in important Jazz, Tango, Classical Music and World Music festivals in Latin America and in Europe.
In August 2018, SONICO presented their first album “Eduardo Rovira: La Otra Vanguardia” in Buenos Aires (Argentina) as part of the Tango Festival BA, the world’s most prestigious tango festival. SONICO was the main international guest at the festival, confirming its reputation as one of the most innovative tango ensembles in Europe!

The quintet SONICO consists of: Ariel Eberstein (AR) on double bass, Camilo Cordoba (AR) on guitar, Stephen Meyer (USA) on violin, Lysandre Donoso (FR) on bandoneon and Anke Steenbeke (BE) on piano.

“Eduardo Rovira: La Otra Vanguardia”

This is the first album which exclusively features pieces written by the revolutionary “tango nuevo” composer Eduardo Rovira. This recording, made at La Monnaie in January 2018, includes 12 of Eduardo Rovira’s compositions and original arrangements, some of them unpublished.




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